Who is Juel Daniel..??? I am a retired educator that has a long love affair with the internet.  My favorite niche markets have always been natural health and wellness and online marketing.  I’m married with 4 adult children and 6 grandchildren. Most importantly, I’m a child of God.


Because of financial limitations, I was forced to accept a grant in education.  My intentions were to teach for a while, then enter the market I really loved, which was business.  However, this never happened. I taught for 30 years, then retired.


Over the years I have been an affiliate of several MLM companies that supported my niche. However, I was never truly successful because of lack of marketing skills.  Family and friends didn’t want to hear about my next “miracle” product.


Since I’ve retired, I’ve decided to spend more time becoming a successful online marketer. I was introduced to several programs, however most times, the cost was a factor. Also because of the technical aspect, I often gave up. To get a coach was even more costly. Lately, I’ve found couple systems that have allowed me to acquire some success. Save Fortunate for me, I found John’s program. Though costly, there is a payment plan that is affordable. With John’s training videos and his support system, I see myself as a successful online marketer.


As I said earlier, my favorite niches are health and wellness and online marketing. Therefore, I’m promoting a health and wellness and digital marketing on the internet.  If you desire to live a long and active life, I invite you to join me here. Let me know in what way I can be of service to you.


Wishing you much success. Juel Daniel