I was first introduced to the Network Marketing industry in the eighties. I began with Melaleuca, then moved on to Mannatech and other companies like ViSalus, Isagenix, 4 Life, ViaViente, Syntex, Real Time Pain relief and others. Usually, I would stay with each for about 2 years or so with little success. Real success in these companies, especially in the eighties and nineties required holding meetings and getting your friends on conference calls. They also required a monthly auto-ship. Fortunately, I found the products to be valuable and never needed to buy what my family and I could not use on a monthly basis. 

I also ventured into other types of businesses that offered quick money and little work. Most times the sign-up cost was so low, you were enticed to sign up. The gifting schemes were also popular. Tried a couple of those. The conference calls for these programs that promised to make you rich once you joined. And you were so convinced that finally, You gave it a chance. However, it was never as it seemed.

Then there were the Gurus that promised they would help you, step by step. But to get their help there was a price which most of the time was not reachable by the average aspiring networker. They didn’t care if you maxed out your credit card in order to come up with the money. Thank God I had a very small available credit on my cards so I couldn’t join those.

Then there were the systems, such as, World Profit Organization, My Lead System Pro and Conversion Pro. These required a monthly charge. Because I lacked the marketing skills I needed, these systems were not profitable for me.

However, by this time I had fallen in love with internet marketing. Although I have not mastered the skills yet, I have become more knowledgeable and is able to make some income with my main network marketing company, Total Life Changes. My physical health, my emotional health and even my spiritual health have improved as a result of TLC.

Physically, I have lost over 30lbs.and kept it off using TLC’s products. My blood pressure medications dosages have been adjusted and my cholesterol level has improved. Drinking the Iaso Tea daily, constipation is a thing of the past. Taking these products, encouraged me to live a healthier lifestyle.

Emotionally, I’ve developed a sound mindset. I look and feel better, so I’m more confident in myself. The people around me are character builders and encouragers. They speak positive words. Many of my leaders and associates are ministers and have a personal relationship with God. Therefore, they are able to minister as they are led.

I’ve found Total Life Changes to be one big family who supports each other.

In addition to the system we have in place with our team in TLC, I’ll like to share with you the company that I’m using to help me master my marketing skills. It’s called Partner2Success. This is a company that has made it affordable for the average person like me to take advantage of the opportunity to become a successful online marketer by creating an affordable monthly payment plan and training videos that are easy to follow and implement. You move at your own pace. They also have a strong support system in place.

I look forward to becoming a master blogger by the end of the training.

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